Spare Parts

Australian Mining Equipment offer a huge range of spare parts, both new and service exchange.
AME spare parts operate 24 hours a day so that your equipment is catered for anytime of the day or night.
AME keep stock in multiple locations to service across Australia and International to help cut down lead times to all customers.

As an OEM AME supply the best quality parts at very competitive prices, delivered in full and on time. Offering new, service exchange or repaired items to accommodate any of your spare parts needs.
We have an excellent understanding of underground mining machinery requirements due to these machines being manufactured by AME and we have structured our stock hold based on our history and knowledge of these machines.
AME can customise parts to your needs, we can make up specific service kits and keep them in stock for you. Kits can be made and altered to suit your site requirements.


AME have a database of over 80,000-parts across all AME related machinery including but not limited to: Minecruiser, LWC, Grader, Dozer, LSC and Flitmate. Using our knowledge of these machines, we can offer a recommended spare parts list specific to your site and specific to your machines based on service history, recommended interval servicing and wear & tear parts. Meaning that your site will have the right parts when they are needed most. Nobody knows this equipment better than us!

AME have the capability to vendor manage your stock for you, we count and stock your shelves to your own requirements. Call to discuss, this can be customised to suit you. We have representatives on the road every day, we can visit you personally to discuss your needs and customise our service to you.

We have highly motivated staff solely dedicated to the spare parts section of our company, our main focus is to deliver your parts in full, on time and at the right value. Take advantage of our highly skilled staff, make the call to discuss your requirements.

AME works around the clock with our suppliers to ensure the quality of our product meets customer expectations and to ensure we can offer you the best price in the market. We strive to pass on savings in any area that we can.

Having trouble identifying parts?

Speak to AME – our staff can problem solve and help you identify the correct parts for your application to get the job done. Between our engineering team and our extensive inventory system, AME has the answer for you.

Service Exchange

AME offer the option to service exchange a variety of spare parts. This option allows the customer to take advantage of a number of savings:

In a lot of cases, service exchange parts will provide the same or similar life expectancy to a new part, its certainly worth asking the questions about service exchange.